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You plant 3 trees

With your purchase you are helping to reforest the planet.

Planting a tree

Together with One Tree Planted we plant one tree for every watch sold. We do this to offset our use of wood 🪵 (although we use recycled wood) and carbon footprint. One tree? I read 3 trees. You read that right. We plant one tree together with One Tree Planted, and the other two trees are planted by you. How? That’s right. For every product sold you receive two seeds, one for you, and one for the person to whom you gave the product as a gift. If it’s not a gift, both seeds are for you. We send different seeds every month!

Time spent amongst trees is never wasted time.

Can you help us to change the world?

Do you know that the trees...?

Clean the air we breathe

Reduce water consumption

Help to fight global warming

Clean the air we breathe

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